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Vatesus beetles

Systematics and biology of an enigmatic group of army ant guests

This webpage aims to introduce the biology of Vatesus beetles, a fascinating group of army ant-associated staphylinid beetles. You will find summaries of Vatesus taxonomy and biology and updates about my current project - a systematic revision of the group. With this page, I also aim to motivate entomologists to observe, investigate, and collect these astonishing beetles. Any additional specimens helps my work. If you collected Vatesus and if you are willing to share them, I will provide you with species identifications and detailed information about what happens with "your" specimens - without knowing you might well have collected a new species. Also, if you have seen Vatesus beetles and want to share your experience or share natural history photographs, please contact me. I would love to add your image to the gallery (with image credits for sure). I hope you enjoy to dive a bit into the biology of these fascinating social insect symbionts. I also provided a bit information and some videos about other army-ant associated invertebrates such as the famous butt beetles or a myrmecophilous snail. For this please check out and enjoy the section other symbionts.  

Video credit: 3-D scan by Michael Heethoff

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